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Chiropractic in Lake Charles believes in natural healing for your body. We believe in identifying the cause of your musculoskeletal pain and correcting it to prevent overuse of medication and surgery. All treatment is very safe which is why chiropractors have the lowest malpractice rates of any healthcare professional.

The Basics of Chiropractic in Lake Charles

Chiropractors use spinal and extremity adjustments to help relieve pain and help nerve conduction. Your spinal column consist of 24 moveable vertebrae that all articulate with each other. Your spinal column is very mobile all while being able to protect your spine and the nerves running from it to various parts of your body. As you move around—bending forward, turning your head, picking up kids and objects —your vertebrae can get stuck in a certain position causing spinal misalignments. This transmits discomfort and stimulates your nociceptors—letting your brain know something is not right. Sometimes your body will correct itself and through other motion, the vertebrae will become “unstuck”. Sometimes, it can stay there and transmit pain to your brain. Another factor in spinal and joint misalignments is posture.

How Your Habits Affect Your Spine

Over time, your spine adapts to the posture it is always in. If you are looking down all the time, you will start to lose the natural curve in your cervical spine. If you sit all day, your mid back muscles will grow weak and you will start to hunch forward. Your posture will start to change causing your vertebrae to actually change too! Your body adapts to what pressures you put it under. If you put your spinal column under stress from bad posture, your spinal column will mold into bad posture. When your vertebrae is stuck in a positon or your spinal column is being compromised due to bad posture or muscle imbalances, more stress is placed on the spinal column and spinal cord. When your spine doesn’t move as it should, premature degeneration (osteoarthritis) can set in early and other conditions like disc herniations or muscle sprains are more likely to happen (if they haven’t already).

Chiropractors are trained to fix spinal misalignments through adjustments and other therapies. If we see muscle imbalances, we will put you on a rehab program as well. If you have a disc herniation, we will put you on spinal traction as well as adjustments. Depending on your case will depend on your treatment. Chiropractors pinpoint the source of your pain then place you on a treatment plan to get you back to a healthier you.

Chiropractic adjustments have been proven to help decrease pain, headaches, and help you sleep at night. At LCC, we take chiropractic to the next level with a variety of therapies, highly trained chiropractors, all-star team, and a healing environment catered to you. We place a big emphasis on patient-centered care in a healing environment. Our goal is to help as many people as we can!


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